Key dates for 2023

Close of applications
5 pm, 30 April 2023

Last date for receipt of 2023
Evaluation Reports by HSF Board
31st March 2024

Help St Foundation Grants Program

Grant Evaluation Forms

Help Street Foundation Grants Programme

The Foundation aims to support the provision of community services to or for people within the Willoughby Local Government Area, irrespective of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, religion or any other status.

Each year we allocate around $50,000 to exciting projects in our community assisting organisations who work with

  • Young People
  • Frail Elderly
  • People with Disabilities
  • Cross-cultural Issues
  • The Work-Life Balance

If you wish to apply, check you satisfy the eligibility requirements below and then click the red button to the left to open the application form. 


Eligibility Criteria for the Grant Programme

  1. Initiatives may include but will not be limited to services and activities which address the needs of the elderly, disabled and young people as well as activities which support families in balancing the demands of work and family and those which promote the diversity and strength of our multi-cultural community.


  2. Applicants must be non-profit, non-government organisations, which generally provide services and programs in the Willoughby LGA. Help Street Foundation funding will only be provided to organisations and will not be available to individuals or individual families


  3. Applicants will be expected to reflect in their policies and practices the values of inclusiveness, a non-judgmental approach and a commitment to social justice and community building.


  4. Applicants must document how they will use the resources for which they apply to meet demonstrated community needs within the Willoughby LGA and their experience and capacity to develop and deliver relevant services or programs.


  5. Applicants must clearly identify the service and/or program to be delivered int eh Willoughby LGA and the resources required to deliver such services and/or programs. The applicant must also demonstrate the direct benefit to be provided to the target population by the proposed service and/or program. Applicants should also indicate how they would link with other service providers or organisations.


  6. Applicants must include a copy of their latest audited financial statement and balance sheet. Substantial unused financial reserves may impact Help Street Foundation grants.


  7. It is anticipated that most applications will be one-off funding. However, applications for limited program or part-program funding  will also be considered as long as the applicant identifies sources of on-going funding or how cessation of the service or program will be managed. Applications for recurrent funding will only be considered on an exception basis.


  8. ‘Top up’ funding, which enhances an existing, funded service may also be considered.


  9. Where funds are sought for capital works or purchase of equipment, etc a minimum of two quotes must be included with the application.

  10. Factors taken into account when assessing applications will include availability of alternative funding, the extent to which the proposed service/activity fills identified service gaps, integration into the existing service network, local management and consumer participation/accountability.